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Wipro and IBM team up to launch integrated AI finserv environments

Jo Debecker
Jo Debecker

IT services giant Wipro has struck a partnership with computer giant IBM to launch a new platform that allows banks and other financial services firms to create fully integrated AI environments within their operations.

The newly launched Wipro Enterprise AI-Ready Platform leverages IBM’s Watsonx product to provide industry specific AI solutions, Jo Debecker, managing partner and global head at Wipro FullStride Cloud, explained to QA Financial.

“The new Wipro platform expands on Watsonx, offering an infrastructure for AI and generative AI workloads, allowing banks to enhance automation and use dynamic resource management for varying workloads,” he added.

Speeding up adoption

Wipro’s platform will also support AI-powered industry use cases for banking, financial services, insurance, and manufacturing.

In addition, it provides conversational AI for customer support, customised marketing, customer feedback analysis and content generation for businesses.

“The platform should speed up AI adoption and aims to build joint solutions that help advance the implementation of reliable, integrated, and enterprise-ready AI solutions,” Debecker said.

“The solutions we are creating as part of this partnership will help firms achieve new levels of flexibility when building their own enterprise-specific AI ecosystems,” he noted.

IBM, an AI veteran which entered the innovate tech market over 15 years ago and launched Watson in 2013 and introduced the more advanced Watsonx last year.

The company describes its relatively young platform as “an AI development studio for businesses that enables them to “train, tune, and deploy AI models,” which include machine learning and foundational models.