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Applitools launches AI-based Ultrafast Visual Grid platform


Applitools, the San Mateo-based visual testing specialist, has released Applitools Ultrafast Visual Grid, which it described as a “state of the art testing platform to drive enterprise-wide management of both functional and visual app quality”. The new Ultrafast Visual Grid will execute existing tests 30 times to 70 times faster, without requiring code changes, and in a more stable environment, Applitools said. “Applitools’ AI powered end-to-end visual testing and monitoring platform now includes every component the enterprise needs to quickly succeed in its test automation and CI-CD efforts,” Applitools said. AI is employed to instantly validate all app elements on all screens, eliminating test coding and functional test scripting requirements, Applitools said, adding that the platform is designed to integrate with almost any existing CI-CD testing and monitoring environment, eliminating QA bottlenecks. The Ultrafast Visual Grid platform incorporates Applitools Eyes’ core test management, auto maintenance and dashboard functionality, which is designed to allow any member of the user team to author and fix results. The platform supports Selenium Java, Selenium Javascript, Selenium C#, Selenium Python, Selenium Ruby, Selenium IDE, Webdriver IO, Cypress and Storybook. Applitools says all software development kits used by its customers will be supported by the end of 2019. “Existing test tools, frameworks and grids are fine for basic data entry and app navigation, but they are code heavy, brittle, slow, expensive and break easily when an app is evolving. That makes them ill-suited to the continuous quality needs of today,” said Gil Sever, co-founder and CEO of Applitools.