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Applitools Releases Two New SDKs for Storybook and Cypress


Applitools has expanded its AI-powered visual testing platform to include software development kits for software development tools Cypress and Storybook. According to the company, the new automated visual testing SDKs are engineered to run visual tests instantly as developers write code and enable them to identify bugs as soon as they are introduced. Applitools Cypress SDK empowers developers with an almost instant interactive experience allowing them to see a code’s impact on the UI by headlessly running screenshots in parallel. Also, for the first time, you can use Cypress for visual testing on Firefox, mobile browsers, and Google Chrome. Applitools Storybook SDK visually tests UI web components in parallel, without writing any test code on React, Angular or Vue, enabling ultra-fast codeless validation of massive component libraries in seconds. The SDKs combine with Applitools’ AI component, which allows the company’s proprietary cognitive vision software to ignore minor visual differences in components, particularly when testing on different browsers, where it is easy for the layout to be off by a few pixels.