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Capgemini Joins Global Cybersecurity Tech Accord


Tech consultancy Capgemini has joined the Cybersecurity Tech Accord, a global alliance of over 60 technology companies, including committed to promoting a safer online world by fostering collaboration, protecting their users and helping them defend against malicious activity. The list of signatories includes the likes of Cisco, DataStax, DocuSign, Facebook, HPE, Microsoft, Oracle and VMWare, among others. By signing the agreement, Capgemini has committed to strengthening cyberspace security, by sharing experience, knowledge and best practices with the global tech industry, creating a platform for dialogue, innovation and decisive action. The Accord’s core principles, which Capgemini has agreed to, include:

  • Protecting all its customers and users worldwide
  • Opposing cyberattacks on citizens and enterprises
  • Helping to empower users, customers and developers to strengthen cybersecurity protection
  • Partnering with each other and with likeminded groups to enhance cybersecurity

“Capgemini wholeheartedly embraces the idea of trying to reduce the impact of cybercrime on our society, but no organisation can defy the ever-evolving cybersecurity threats on its own. Therefore, we are very pleased to join the Cybersecurity Tech Accord and contribute to advancing its mission by collaborating on initiatives that improve the security, stability and resilience of cyberspace,” says Steve Wanklin, Chief Cybersecurity Officer of the Capgemini Group.