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Exactpro Delivers Test Strategy Recommendations for HKEX’s NextGen Post Trade Programme


Quality assurance specialist Exactpro has completed a review of testing processes for the NextGen Post Trade Programme at Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX). Exactpro’s team of consultants has delivered a set of test strategy recommendations for Phase 1 of the programme. The NextGen Post Trade Programme is intended to help strengthen the exchange’s competitive advantages amid a rapidly changing business, technology and regulatory environment. With this programme, HKEX is undertaking a comprehensive upgrade of its post-trade infrastructure across all of its business processes and systems. “The long-term test strategy recommendations we have delivered are built on our extensive experience in testing of complex Financial Markets Infrastructures and cover the key ingredients necessary for the establishment of effective testing processes for the kinds of systems we deal with, particularly in the post-trade space,” says Alexey Zverev, co-CEO at Exactpro. “We are delighted to have had an opportunity to share our testing expertise and look forward to working with HKEX again in the future.” The revitalisation of HKEX post-trade infrastructure is a multi-year programme and will be delivered in phases. Phase 1 includes the implementation of a Multi Asset Single Risk Engine for the securities market, a Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence tools. “Thorough testing is important for a smooth launch of our new platform, and we are delighted to have engaged Exactpro to provide their expert advice on how we can utilise current best practices,” said Christian Sjoberg, HKEX Managing Director and Head of Platform Development.