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Exactpro introduces AI enabled defect reporting


At the 19th IEEE International Conference on Software Quality, Reliability and Security (QRS-C) on 22nd – 26th July in Sofia, Bulgaria, researchers for Exactpro Systems (Exactpro) presented a paper on the opportunities for ML-enabled defect reporting methods.

According to Iosif Itkin, et. al., of Exactpro, and based on prior study, “improving the quality of defect reports is one of the crucial elements of defect management.” Continuous prioritisation requires a sober, ongoing assessment of operational software risks.

In other words, there should be a direct correlation from QA compliance information to the selection of bugs to remediate. 

Exactpro suggest that often, defect reports lack detail about which libraries are missing, what application(s) are impacted, and which remedial actions are required. The ability to apply a mission critical assurance strategy relies, in part, on better reporting.

Giving art to the expression of AI enabled defect reporting, Exactpro launched a predictive, open source tool known as Nostradamus at this conference. Nostradamus evaluates and corrects these reports.

Nostradamus also allows for test case editing, post execution, to resolve identified issues and thereby reduce failure rates. The authors suggest that “Nostradamus drastically reduces the chance of a bug description not being transparent [or] clear enough when software developers and analysts read it.”

To learn more about how Nostradamus enables quality leaders to gain real insight into the efficacy of their testing processes, download the peer-reviewed white paper about raising the quality of bug reports by predicting software defect indicators.