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Favourite among banks: Kobiton open sources test script tool for Appium

The five most popular mobile banking apps in the US (Source: ST, 2023)
The five most popular mobile banking apps in the US (Source: ST, 2023)

US-based mobile device testing platform Kobiton is open sourcing a script generation tool for the Appium automation framework that automates the running of test scripts.

The Atlanta, George-based firm said the move is aimed at making the tool, which makes it simpler to create more testing scripts, more widely available which should ultimately lead to higher-quality applications being deployed.

Mobile banking apps

Most of the largest banks in the US and a range of UK and European banking players use the Appium solution to test updates and upgrades on their mobile banking apps and other smartphone services.

The tool makes it possible to generate tests from a test case that has been captured in a Node.js format, explained Kobiton’s chief technology officer, Frank Moyer.

“Rather than having to hire hundreds of testers to create those scripts manually, it’s now possible to automate those tasks using an open source tool.”

Frank Moyer (right)

Kobiton’s newly developed platform can write a 30-step script in just under 10 minutes, Moyer claimed, “whereas a manual approach could take as long as four hours to construct a similar test.”

Once created, those test scripts can automatically be executed using the Appium framework, he continued, which makes it much easier for many banks, payment processors and other financial services providers to add and integrate instant updates.

The output from the tool can also be used on other testing platforms, including Sauce Labs, BrowserStack and LambdaTest or integrated with low-code testing platforms from Perfecto and Tricentis.