SmartBear and Applitools join forces to facilitate codeless visual testing

SmartBear has announced collaboration with Applitools to offer the world’s first codeless automated visual testing solution

SmartBear, the Boston-based specialist in software quality tools, has announced the integration of its CrossBrowserTesting web testing platform with Applitools, the industry’s first automated visual testing and monitoring product.

CrossBrowserTesting customers can now subscribe to Applitools Visual Testing Service and integrate the capabilities of each product to ensure new applications render correctly as part of digital transformation initiatives. The new integration couples cross-browser and cross-device screenshots from CrossBrowserTesting with AI-powered visual testing by Applitools.

“By combining the power of the advanced visual testing capabilities of Applitools with the largest remote browser and device testing platform of CrossBrowserTesting, we’re able to offer the first codeless automated visual testing solution,” said Ryan Lloyd, VP of Products, Test and Development at SmartBear. “This enables teams of all technical skill levels to be able to run visual tests quickly across browsers and platforms.”

Because the new integration requires no coding when capturing screenshots across multiple browsers and mobile devices, and visual comparisons are completely automated by Applitools, the solution will support test automation engineers, QA team members and developers of all skill levels, SmartBear said in a statement.

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