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SmartBear releases VisualTest for image-based testing


SmartBear, the Massachusetts-based test automation specialist, has released VisualTest, its AI-powered automated regression testing tool for visual defects.

Using an AI-based comparison engine to highlight inconsistencies, VisualTest delivers component-level visibility alongside automation processes for CI/CD, providing developers and testers with visual accuracy and scalable test automation. 

SmarBear claims that VisualTest ‘essentially replicates the human eye’ and is able to ignore false positives while highlighting key differences not always detected through traditional functional or end-to-end testing. This is achieved through its AI engine which tracks several types of visual changes, allowing developers to focus only on important differences.

Touting compatibility with Cypress, Selenium Python, and Selenium Java, VisualTest also integrates with SmartBear’s mobile and web application testing solution, BitBar, to reduce context switching between visual, web, and real-device testing. Bitbar includes access to a device cloud for testing across multiple devices and platforms.

“Customer experience is critical for online businesses, especially now in a fiercely competitive environment. With frequent software updates common for SaaS and e-commerce companies, visual changes happen often and errors can frustrate users,” said Joanna Schloss (pictured), Senior VP Product Marketing at SmartBear. “SmartBear is excited to launch our AI-powered VisualTest solution […], enabling developers to automate visual regression tests and correct problems before they get to the end user.”