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90% of UK Businesses Want to Increase Their Use of Automation


Only 5% of UK businesses report very high levels of automation of their processes, according to new research from UK publication Computing and cloud integration specialist Liaison Technologies. However, this number is set to increase rapidly in the coming years. The research also discovered that 91% of the companies surveyed had adopted automation in some way. About 19% of respondents said they were on the way towards complete automation. However, the vast majority (54%) described their level of automation adoption as only “Moderate” with only essential processes at the time of responding. The remaining respondents (23%) described their adoption of BPA as either ‘Low’, signalling that they have only just begun their automation journey, ‘Very Low’, indicating that they are yet to start, or ‘Don’t know’, which in this context can be taken to mean that automation has not yet begun. However, the vast majority of people surveyed indicated that they were looking to up the extent of their automation. When asked about their intentions for business process automation, only 10% said they had no plans, while the remainder stated they expect to begin or increase their rates of automation.