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Applitools Launches AI-Powered Root Cause Analysis Feature


UI testing specialist Applitools has launched a new AI-powered root cause analysis feature, aimed at front-end developers and QA teams. The feature allows teams to see what DOM (Document Object Model) and CSS differences underpin each visual difference between a baseline screenshot and a test screenshot, comprising the “root cause” of a bug. The company claims this feature saves developers from having to look “through thousands of lines of DOM and CSS to find the root cause”, instead allowing them to just look at several lines. Relatedly, Applitools has extended its user interface version control so that it now includes DOM and CSS associated with each screenshot. This enables development teams to see not only how the visual appearance of a web application has evolved over time, but also how its underlying DOM and CSS have changed. The addition of these new features moves the company, which gained attention for its computer vision-enabled UI testing, towards a comprehensive UI testing and monitoring platform.