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Bitbar Launches “AI Testbot” for Mobile UI


Bitbar Technologies, the startup behind mobile DevOps platform Bitbar Cloud, has launched an “AI testbot” to help IT organizations scale up mobile testing efficiency and maximise quality assurance efforts with less investment in coding and hiring. Powered by what Bitbar refers to as “the latest Artificial Intelligence technology”, the AI testbot automatically explores the app UI on thousands of real devices concurrently, identifies errors in user flows and calculates the best way to execute exploratory testing if anything changes in the app’s UI. This, the company hopes, will enable teams to test more in less time with fewer scripts. According to Bitbar, the AI testbot will eliminate the need for designing, creating and maintaining mobile app test cases for compatibility and performance testing on real devices and enable codeless testing. The testbot is integrated into Bitbar’s platform and allows developers to get detailed reports including a video of test execution, CPU & memory usage graphs, and all relevant device logs.