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Eggplant Releases Predictive Insights Visualisation Tool For Testing


Software testing provider Eggplant has introduced a new product to its Digital Automation Intelligence suite of tools. The new solution, called Predictive Insights, provides predictive analytics around user satisfaction and business outcomes during the development process. The new tool is intended to speed up continuous delivery and improve visibility for development teams. Predictive Insights adds a layer of analysis to the technical data already available to developers, by aggregating and visualising it. The new tool works in conjunction with Eggplant AI, providing a real-time release rating. The solution is intended to allow companies to fine-tune their testing process and address any issues prior to release. The predictors used by the AI to determine overall software quality include bug content, predicting the number of undiscovered defects, development quality, identifying the biggest risk factors for the release and assessing their impact, test coverage, measuring the level of coverage on a current product, and usability quality, analysing the UI under development and generating a metric on how usable and consistent the new release is.