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Oracle Adds Autonomous Transaction Processing to Its Cloud Database


Oracle has introduced a new tool to its autonomous database – the Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) service. After first introducing the its autonomous database last year, Oracle improved its capabilities with the introduction of an autonomous data warehouse. Now, it is expanding its cloud offer. According to Oracle Systems SVP Juan Loaiza, speaking for TechCrunch, ATP is a modernised version of the online transaction processing databases Oracle has been creating for decades, with added machine learning and automation capabilities. According to him, the seamless transferability between these and ATP it an attractive option for Oracle existing Oracle clients, including airlines, major banks, financial services and online retailers – companies which cannot affort even half an hour of downtime to make the transition. “Most of the major companies in the world are running thousands of Oracle databases today. So one simple differentiation for us is that you can just pick up your on-premises database that you’ve had for however many years, and you can easily move it to an autonomous database in the cloud,” Loaiza told the website. This is only the latest step in Oracle’s push into the cloud, where it still trails behind AWS and other technology providers. With launches like ATP, it is aiming to prove its viability as a partner to its existing clients, who are already committed to its services and not interested in changing vendors. A win with existing clients can bring Oracle’s cloud offer the credibility it needs to target new business.