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Tech Mahindra and i1too Ltd Back Software Development Platform WEM


Software consultant Tech Mahindra has signed a strategic partnership with i1too, a self-described “digital disruptor” to jointly sponsor a software development platform, called WEM. The platform is aimed at accelerating innovation, automation and digitalization across several industry sectors. Though the companies provided little detail of the platform’s features, they claim that it provides tools to automate the development process to the point where developers can release web and mobile applications as quickly as 90% faster than hand or low code methods. According to a company press release, the platform also boasts an intuitive interface, allowing business users to build and scale software without the need for coding skills or expertise. The statement claims that the total cost of ownership of applications Tech Mahindra develops on the no-code platform can be reduced by up to 80%. Rob Schilperoort, CEO of WEM, said, “Tech Mahindra’s expertise in digital transformation and leading services will significantly increase the market reach of our no-code application platform. We are very pleased that Tech Mahindra and i1too have joined forces to bring this empowerment to end-users industry-wide”.