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Tricentis integrates GenAI in new testing tool to boost productivity

Mav Turner
Mav Turner

Global testing and QA firm Tricentis has launched a new AI-powered tool that can measure software speed and quality more efficiently and accurately, the company told QA Financial.

The new platform, called Copilot, is supported by GenAI applications and helps quality engineering teams and developers integrate AI responsibly by testing complex applications, explained Mav Turner, since January of this year the company’s chief product and strategy officer, based in Austin, Texas.

“This is a suite of solutions leveraging generative AI to enhance productivity throughout the entire testing lifecycle,” Turner shared with this publication.

“In other words, Copilot makes it quicker and easier for users to create tests using generative AI,” he said.

Complex apps

Turner was keen to point out that testers no longer need to write most of their own code.

He explained that “users can enter a text description of their test, and Copilot generates the needed JavaScript code using generative AI, provides an explanation of selected code, or identifies and recommends fixes for potential issues.”

When asked to elaborate, Turner said the feature enables teams to create tests for complex applications faster, using generative AI to generate custom code automatically from a text description.

“The democratisation of testing with AI will lead to faster completion, fewer errors, higher productivity, and reduced costs.”

– Mav Turner

Moreover, the tool should make it easier for less-technical testers to create custom tests without in-depth coding expertise, Turner continued, thereby reducing the time and effort to debug test code by identifying issues and suggesting fixes.

“With enterprises increasingly concerned about compliance, data use, and IP protection when it comes to utilizing generative AI in large language models, the platform has been designed to provide productivity gains and increased application quality without compromising on responsible usage, safety, or accessibility,” he summarised.

Turner said recent feedback from long-standing customers had been used to finetune the new solution.

“Based on initial customer experience with existing Tricentis AI-enabled products, we have seen an uplift of 20% to 50% in test case generation by leveraging AI,” he disclosed.

“In addition, customers utilizing our AI tools have been able to lower their test failure rate by 16% to 43% so far.”

Turner is convinced that “the democratisation of testing with AI will allow even less technical resources to participate in the creation and execution of AI-generated test cases, leading to faster completion, fewer errors, higher productivity, and reduced costs.”


It is exactly that productivity wind that is blowing through the fintech space as Tricentis’ launch comes at a time that banks and other financial services players are rapidly turning to GenAI to make major productivity gains.

A recent report from IDC estimated that businesses will leverage generative AI and automation technologies to drive $1 trillion in productivity gains by 2026.

“Testing and automated software quality are a top area of expected benefit for GenAI over the next 12 months,” according to Melinda Ballou, research director for IDC’s Agile ALM, Quality & Portfolio strategies.

“We have seen a majority of respondents expanding use, using or piloting use of AI in conjunction with testing,” the US-based researcher said.

“Early investment in AI by test automation providers help drive adoption, better code quality and cost savings.”

Melinda Ballou

“Examples of areas of focus include test prioritization, identifying root cause of failure, automated test case creation and self-healing of test cases,” Ballou continued.

She stressed that “early investment in AI by test automation providers and leverage of pragmatically actionable data as compared with the inefficiencies of manual testing position help drive adoption, better code quality and cost savings.”


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